Abusive & Non-abusive Man

Abusive & Non-abusive Man

An Abusive Man……

  • shouts
  • sulks
  • smashes things
  • glares
  • calls you names
  • makes you feel ugly and useless
  • cuts you off from your friends
  • stops you working
  • never admits he is wrong
  • blames you, drugs, drink, stress etc.
  • turns the children against you
  • uses the children to control you
  • never does his share of the housework
  • never looks after the children
  • expects sex on demand
  • controls the money
  • threatens or wheedles you to get his own way
  • seduces your friends/sister/anyone
  • expects you to be responsible for his well-being

A Non-abusive Man…..

  • is cheerful
  • consistent
  • supportive
  • tells you you look good
  • tells you you’re competent
  • uses your name
  • trusts you
  • trusts your judgment
  • welcomes your friends and family
  • encourages you to be independent
  • supports your learning, career etc.
  • admits to being wrong
  • is a responsible parent
  • is an equal parent
  • does his share of the housework