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Stop Violence Against Women

Safety Planning

In an abusive relationship your personal safety is at risk. The abuser's JEKYLL and HIDE personality is unpredictable at first, however, the longer you stay, the more predictable it may become. It is important to try and see a pattern, what triggers the abuser to a image ct in a particular way. In essence this form of personal flexibility (you are adapting to his outburst's) becomes a subtle form of control (you are changing your behaviour because of his abusive behaviour). Please don't become stubborn, remember planning your safety allows you to have an element of flexibility and control. You are managing an abusive situation and successfully stopping more physical abuse.


Women who live with violence need to have a safety plan . This plan will help them get out of the house in the event of violence. The experience of many women is that the abuse gets worse and worse, not that the abuse will not go that far.  Once you realize that you are a victim of abuse, you need to take action. You must get your safety plan in place and there are steps to take pertaining to whichever situation you may be in. Ending an abusive relationship comes with a different set of dangers, and you will need to take these steps to keep yourself safe.  There are suggestions that you can study in the situation if the abuser has permanently moved out of the home or if you are the one that has left the abuser.

Although you can't control an abuser's violence, you do have a choice about how you respond and how to get to safety. To learn more on increasing your safety, it is good advice to create your own personal safety plan .

Getting ready to leave an abusive situation is a step towards your freedom, increasing your self-esteem about yourself and a new future. Organization,perseverance, and determination will aid you towards your steps to a new,safe and happy future.

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