Shelter Houses

Shelter Houses

A shelter is a safe place where you can get emergency housing and food for you and your children. A shelter also provides with counseling, support and referral. Most shelters have a 24 hour crisis telephone line.

It’s a good idea if you can call first so shelter staff can be ready for you or make alternate arrangements at a nearby facility. If you believe your personal safety is at risk, call your local police service for immediate help and go immediately to a safe place.

In Marathon, ON, the Marjorie House is a women’s shelter which provides short-term shelter and safety for women and their children that have been victims of violence.

In Thunder Bay, ON, the Faye Peterson Transition House also provides a safe and supportive temporary shelter environment, crisis services, counseling, outreach, transitional support, advocacy, early childhood education, and support groups to women, youth and their children.

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