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Stop Violence Against Women

Training and Conferences

During the process of research, four conferences were held dealing with community awareness and training on High Risk Offenders and Domestic Violence aimed to focus on reducing victimization.

Several intervention new strategies have been highlighted and also reporting on best practices that have been identified.

These conferences have passed, however, we feel it is important to create awareness and inform communities of the types of conferences and topics available to enhance the focus of reducing crime by preventing and understanding domestic violence.

This information is geared to inform social services, researchers, policy makers, child protection services , other community agencies, medical field, police department, judicial system representatives and all other agencies related to preventing domestic violence.

This conference information is made available for your information to your service or organization to gain awareness on what types of training can be done to help stop violence against women

The four conferences listed encourage a coordinated response and early intervention.

# 1 High Risk Offenders Conference

Guest Speaker: Dr. J.G. Gagnon

Conference Goals: Create awareness of different types of offenders

 # 2 The First Annual Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Conference
London Convention Centre:A Conference to Enhance Research and Practice Collaboration to Review & Prevent Domestic Homicides

Purpose: The Conference is intended to enhance networking and partnerships amongst social science researchers, policy makers and practitioners (coroners, medical examiners, police, crown attorneys, anti-violence community agencies) in their review of domestic homicides across Canadian provinces and territories. The conference proceedings will focus on common risk factors and systemic gaps in policies, training and resources that are related to domestic homicides. The ultimate goal of this work is to prevent domestic violence and save lives lost to these tragedies.


Dr.David Adams
Nicole Allen
Rina Arsenault
Dr. Linda L. Baker
Dr. Helene Berman
Jackie Campbell
Valerie Campbell
Jane Coombe
Jocelyn Coupal
|Dr. Myrna Dawson
Deborah Doherty
Dr. Molly Dragiewicz
Myriam Dube
Jeffrey L. Edleson
Dianne Finch
Dada Gasirabo
Gary Gibbens
Carmen Gibbens
Carmen Gill
Maribel Gonzales
Ruth Greenspan
Dr. Stephen Hart
Debra Heaton
Lucie Henault
Narges Hosseini
Dermot Hurley
Pauline Jackson
Peter Jaffe
Beth Jordan
Marcus Juodis
Colin King
Richard Konarski
Dr. P. Randall Kropp
Paul Lobsinger
Dr. William J. Lucas
Pamela Mank
Robin Mason
Barry MacKnight
Barb MacQuarrie
Holly McGinn
Robert Morris
Norine Nathansan
Tracy Porteous
Stephen Porter
Maureen Reid
Gisela Ruebsaat
Jan Reimer
Marianne Saint-Jacques
Lissa Samantaraya-Shivji
Katreena Scott
Sudha Shetty
Verona Singer
Anna-Lee Straatman
Terry Swan
Yoshiyuki Takano
Diane Turner
Dr. Jane Ursel
Megan Walker
Kelly Watt
Dr. Neil Websdale
Jane Young

There are many Conference Resources available that you may find helpful along with information you will find on their website,


# 3 The First Annual Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Conference

Training Topics: When Women Kill, Strangulation, Stalking, Typologies of Abusers, Dynamics of Domestic Violence, Women Who Use Violence, Primary Aggressor, Effects of DV on Children, Sexual Violence, Rape Sensitivity Training, Date Rape Drugs, Interviewing the Rapist., Officer involved DV incidents


Speakers: Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Ph.D., RN, FAAN Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs/Professor John Hopkins University

Jacquelyn Campbell, Ph.D., RN is the Anna D. Wolf Chair and a Professor in the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing with a joint appointment in the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her BSN, MSN and Ph.D. are from Duke University, Wright State University and the University of Rochester. She has been conducting advocacy policy work and research in the area of domestic violence since 1980. Dr. Campbell has been the PI of 10 major NIH, NIJ or CDC research grants and published more than 150 articles and seven books on this subject. She is an elected member of the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Nursing and on the Boards of Directors of the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the House of Ruth Battered Women’s Shelter, and was a member of the congressionally appointed US Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence. She was named the 2005 American Society of Criminology Vollmer Award recipient, the 2006 Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research Pathfinder award and served as the Institute of Medicine/American Academy of Nursing/American Nurses’ Foundation Scholar in Residence for the 2005-2006 Academic Year.

Lynn Cohen: Public Education Coordinator, Oshawa Durham Rape Crisis Center (Cobourg) Lynn Cohen is the Public Education Officer of the Durham Rape Crisis Centre

Bridget Stirling, Sexual Assault Center of Edmonton (Edmonton)
Bridget Stirling is the Public Education officer with the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.

TJ Anderson: T.J. Anderson joined the Vermont Police Academy in March of 2000 as the Family Violence Training Coordinator. Previous to working at the Police Academy, TJ worked for nearly ten years as a police officer for Rutland Police Department. In October 1994 she was selected to be the department's first Child Abuse and Family Violence Investigator. This was a position she held until she left the department. While in this position, she investigated many family related criminal cases, to include, child sexual abuse, violations of court orders and stalking. She also conducted follow-up investigations on domestic assault arrests made by uniform patrol. TJ is certified by the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council to train law enforcement officers on how to properly respond to domestic violence incidents and has trained officers statewide. She has publicly spoken on the subject of domestic violence statewide, in Russia and in Canada. Anderson has also been an adjunct professor with Community College of Vermont teaching Family Violence.


# 4 Domestic of Partner Violence...Separation and Children: A Volatile Mix

Sponsored by: The Children's Aid Society of Algoma, the Sault Area Hospital Sexual Assault Care Centre and the Algoma Council on Domestic Violence

Topics: This conference provided an opportunity to:

  • consider post-separation parenting as it could be
  • think about the impact of domestic or partner violence on post-separation parenting
  • examine some of the most troubling current issues, including parental alienation
  • discuss appropriate common interventions, including supervised access
  • develop a collaborative community strategy to support healthy post-separation parenting

Speakers: Pamela Cross-Legal Director of METRAC,  a Toronto community agency committed to ending violence against women and children.

Ms. Cross has been a true champion and advocate for abused women and community agencies for whom the intrusion and necessity of the law can seem baffling at best, and another form of oppression at worst. It is her style, as much as her message that sets her apart. M.s Cross doesn’t weigh in with high-priced litigation and carefully guarded legalese.  Instead, she provides sound, legible and transparent legal interpretation anonymously and free of charge through print materials, websites, training and public speaking. And in the process, she has played a crucial role in developing and disseminating a legal analysis of the perils facing women experiencing and trying to escape domestic violence.

Sole legal mind behind the Ontario Women’s Justice Network, Ms. Cross has created a unique information vehicle for marginalized and isolated women without access to private legal advice.  The OWJN is a plain language website that guides women through the arcane and difficult concepts that govern their lives as they decide whether or not to leave an abuser, make safety plans for themselves and their children and make difficult decisions about whether to become involved with the criminal justice system. Ms. Cross hears from women across the province each day. Through their experiences she has a sound understanding of the unseen barriers to justice and safety that women face in spite of good laws and good intensions. Ms. Cross takes seriously the responsibility she has taken on to answer the questions that women tentatively send to her by e-mail. She answers each one personally, sometimes staying at her computer into the wee hours of the morning after long days of regular work, in order to make a timely intervention in a life and death situation. 


Linda Baker, Ph.D. C.Psych. Dr. Baker is the Executive Director of the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System (formerly the London Family Court Clinic). She is a clinical psychologist whose areas of expertise include children and youth experiencing mental illness, children and adolescents affected by violence, and youth in conflict with the law. Dr. Baker sits on many community committees and advisory boards including the Board of Directors for the Sexual Assault Centre of London. She is on the Editorial Board for Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice: An Interdisciplinary Journal. She is also an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Baker is committed to integrating research and practice to translate findings into promising practices for front-line professionals. Her current research foci are children of incarcerated mothers and children affected by domestic violence. She is dedicated to capacity-building and skill-building training that engages and enlightens. She has delivered training and train-the-trainer initiatives for children's mental health practitioners, professionals who work to stop violence against women, early childhood educators, and youth justice audiences among others. Topics range from supporting survivors of woman abuse as mothers, assessing and treating children who have lived with violence or experienced other traumas, bullying in schools, adolescent suicide prevention and intervention, introductory and advanced cognitive-behavioural skills for treatment settings, conduct disorder, and community collaboration to end violence against women and children.



View more upcoming trainings with the OWJN.

# 5 Violence Threat Assessment-Planning & Response, Crisis Respons Planning, Self-Injury in Youth: Issues & Strategies

Violence Threat Assessment-Planning: This workshop provided a communication and decision-making model to help businesses, schools, organizations and communities become proactive in their management of threats. Strategies to help you identify, assess, and manage individuals who make threats will be explored. Participants left the workshop with an understanding of how to implement a threat assessment team for their specific environment. 

Crisis Response Planning: This workshop began with a general overview to assist participants in understanding the experience and motivations of adolescents who intentionally injure themselves. The content then focused on practical strategies for working with youth struggling with this complex issue. Participants left this workshop with increased insight regarding self-injury behaviour in youth and direction for effective interventions

Self-Injury in Youth: Issues & Strategies: This workshop began with a general overview to assist participants in understanding the experience and motivations of adolescents who intentionally injure themselves. The content then focused on practical strategies for working with youth struggling with this complex issue. Participants left this workshop with increased insight regarding self-injury behaviour in youth and direction for effective interventions.

These workshops were presented by Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute


Upcoming Conferences

If your service/organization has an upcoming seminar, workshop or conference on research and/or education on Violence Against Women, and want to be listed on this site, please follow this link to send your information.

You can also review our calendar on this website for other important dates and events.


The Ontario Woman Abuse Screening Project holds many trainings and presentations that you may find useful.  Also, the Hincks-Dellcrest Centre-Gail Appel Institute holds a wide variety of conferences, workshops and certificate courses.




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