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Stop Violence Against Women

Abusive & Non-abusive Man


An Abusive Man......
  • shouts
  • sulks
  • smashes things
  • glares
  • calls you names
  • makes you feel ugly and useless
  • cuts you off from your friends
  • stops you working
  • never admits he is wrong
  • blames you, drugs, drink, stress etc.
  • turns the children against you
  • uses the children to control you
  • never does his share of the housework
  • never looks after the children
  • expects sex on demand
  • controls the money
  • threatens or wheedles you to get his own way
  • seduces your friends/sister/anyone
  • expects you to be responsible for his well-being



A Non-abusive Man.....
  • is cheerful
  • consistent
  • supportive
  • tells you you look good
  • tells you you're competent
  • uses your name
  • trusts you
  • trusts your judgment
  • welcomes your friends and family
  • encourages you to be independent
  • supports your learning, career etc.
  • admits to being wrong
  • is a responsible parent
  • is an equal parent
  • does his share of the housework


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This site is not intended to replace the need for counselling. The information provided is intended to inform the viewer, giving information to help you be informed to make the best decision possible for you and your family. Please, always seek professional help and legal advice if you find yourself in an abusive situation.