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Stop Violence Against Women

About Us



This project is a product of the research recommendations of the Superior North Victim Safety Grant Project. This Project has been made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and the Ministry of the Attorney General.


Linda Gilbert was hired as the Superior North Victim  Safety Coordinator for the duration of this project. Lisa Alexander is the data entry and web coordinator. Movies and films produced and edited by Lausanne Price Productions. Please note that the models depicted in the pictures of these movies have not been abused in any way.

Based on research and recommendations, it has been determined that intimate partner violence is the leading cause of re-victimization in the communities covered under the present mandate of Superior North Victim Services. The area covered is Marathon, Manitouwadge, and Pic River First Nation.

The purpose of the Domestic Violence Information website is to help enhance the education and their collaboration of the efforts of all the community based services. Our goal is to inform women on the leading causes of violence against women and to help empower and assist women who are seeking help. The website's goal is to create connectivity for individuals in need of outreach services that are multicultural and language specific in helping to connect with the community support they need.

Research has been done that measured and analyzed the impact of programs and services in our communities. We believe this website will support and build capacity in the serving of women who have been victims of intimate partner abuse. Our hope is to help facilitate the transition and encourage women to become informed and knowledgeable about what is happening to them, giving resources and choices to help them make the best possible decision for them and their families.

The website is designed for not only the individual, but also for programs and services dealing with intimate partner abuse. There are many resources in our community that are local, provincial and federal that may help the programs and services to save time and resources, helping to enhance their program that they provide to their communities.

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This site is not intended to replace the need for counselling. The information provided is intended to inform the viewer, giving information to help you be informed to make the best decision possible for you and your family. Please, always seek professional help and legal advice if you find yourself in an abusive situation.